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Online Plan / Permit Application / Plan Submittal 


Application for a permit required by this code shall be made to the fire code official in such form and detail as prescribed by the fire code official. Applications for permits shall be accompanied by such plans as prescribed by the fire code official.

Types of permits:

There shall be two types of permits as follows:

  1. Construction permits. A construction permit allows the applicant to install, build or modify systems and equipment.
  2. Operational permit. An operational permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation, special event or a business.

Time limitation of application:

Permit period for any proposed work shall be six months after the date of filing.

Posting permits:

Issued permits shall be kept on the premises designated therein at all times and shall be readily available for inspection by the fire code official.

Plan reviews and subsequent approvals will be completed as quickly as possible. The applicant will be notified at the time of approval, but not more than 60-days from the time the application is submitted. A.R.S.§ 41-2163.C. Applicant will be notified at that time of amount due. Payment is due upon release of permit.

Download or complete  the application online below:

Download Application for Permit 2023.pdf

Plan/Permit Application

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Deliver the plans to the DMFM Administration office at

41018 N. Daisy Mountain Dr. Anthem, Az. 85086

Monday - Thursday

8a.m. - 5p.m.  

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